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Experience, like any good differential, to be relevant must be specific. The experience that really counts is the number of times we have solved problems similar to yours. Here we give you some samples of it.

2021 Automotive Components and Gardening & Agriculture Machinery Online Trade Shows, Zhejiang, China

During the months of November and December we collaborate with the government of the Chinese Province of Zhejiang in order to invite Spanish companies to two virtual international fairs. One was for components, accessories and automobile parts and another for agriculture and gardening machinery. In these fairs, the Spanish companies that registered were able to have direct contact with Chinese suppliers in their sector in Spanish.
This fair was promoted by the Chinese government in order to promote international trade with Spain.
We contacted more than 250 Spanish companies.
Attendance at these fairs consisted of attending different meetings between interested Spanish companies and Chinese suppliers in the sector through the zoom application.
The Spanish companies that registered to attend these fairs were able to meet individually with 5 different suppliers previously chosen from a list of more than 40 and discuss for an hour approximately interesting parts, accessories and materials to obtain.

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