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EBrigde is a consulting company located in Shanghai


The foundation of EBridge

EBrigde has been incorporated and is managed by native Spaniards residing in China. The founders of EBridge have a 15-year career in language and culture. They have carried out intensive studies of the Mandarin Chinese language, as well as its culture and history, both in Spain and in China. In addition, they have had direct contact with the Chinese world in recent years, which has allowed them to acquire a gradual and in-depth understanding of the ancient culture, present-day society, and the history of China.


EBridge Bases

The founders have vast experience in EBridge services. They have had the privilege of carrying out work activities in the Chinese world, such as collaborations in international events, as well as the following; involvement in language and culture teaching courses, translations in different professional fields, development of educational and commercial activities, company formation in China and many more.

EBridge Proposals

EBridge offers a wide range of services related to transactions, procedures or activities in China. In view of this, EBridge unfolds a new path to the East, in which cultural, social, and idiomatic distance cease to exist to open the doors to the Asian giant. This will facilitate your work. It will be as easy as if you were in your own country carrying out any transaction or activity.


    EBridge Directorship

    EBridge directors are the driving force behind the company

    Blas Sánchez

    Project Manager

    Pablo Gamarra

    Project Design Manager

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