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Experience, like any good differential, to be relevant must be specific. The experience that really counts is the number of times we have solved problems similar to yours. Here we give you some samples of it.

The 104th China Food & Drinks Fair (CFDF), Chengdu, China

In April 2021 we are attending the 104th China Food & Drinks Fair (CFDF) in Chengdu, China. We work at the Stand in Chile and carry out checking of the furniture and supplies of the Stand, supervision of the workers and personalized attention to the represented company.

This edition was initially organized from March 25 to 27, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it has been postponed until April 7 to 9.

In the photo you can see the Chilean Ambassador to China, Mr. Luis Schmidt Montes tasting one of the magnificent wines from his native country.

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