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Experience, like any good differential, to be relevant must be specific. The experience that really counts is the number of times we have solved problems similar to yours. Here we give you some samples of it.

Between 2016 and 2018 we have registered and established 4 foreign companies in Shanghai, China

Registering and setting up a company in China is a matter that requires careful preparation and knowledge of the state departments to turn to to carry out each step. This has its own challenges, ranging from company appointments to management practices. In addition to registering these companies, we have managed the process of acquiring work visas for their workers.

The steps we have followed in the process are the following:

  • Company registration.
  • Obtaining the certificate of approval of the company, the commercial license, the statutes of the company, the popular government document, the contract for a virtual office (necessary at that time).
  • Obtaining the three main company stamps, the company stamp, the legal entity stamp and the legalized accounting stamp.
  • Obtaining the company’s user card.
  • Obtaining work permits.
  • Obtaining a work visa.

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